Confusion over the new waste system has led to a rise in bin fires, a councillor claimed this week.

Chairman of the corporate overview and scrutiny committee Cllr Brian Hall said there had been "11 call outs to minor fires of the black bags" in Pembroke Dock and Pembroke recently, with others elsewhere too.

He said at the meeting on Thursday (November 7) that there was other problems beside people not having the necessary bags and boxes delivered, adding there was a "massive stockpile" at the Pembroke Dock base.

Cllr Hall said he had still not received answers to his full council questions about the current base and its capacity and lease, adding "it's not working well" although teething problems were to be expected.

Some people were simple refusing to organise their waste and "people were burning them" he said of bin bags.

"It should have been brought in gradually and it should have been done a little bit differently," he said.

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service confirmed they had been called to three refuse bin fires in the last week - two on bonfire night and a third on November 6 in Monkton.