FISHGUARD'S Vergam Dental Practice is taking part in Mouth Cancer Action Month. Practice staff are taking part in the campaign to raise awareness, by wearing campaign T-shirts and display important information in reception.

This year in the UK, around 8,300 people will be given the life-changing news that they have mouth cancer.

These numbers continue to rise while the disease claims more lives than cervical and testicular cancer combined. It is one of the UK's fastest growing cancers, increasing by 135% in the last two years; there are currently more than 8,000 people diagnosed with mouth cancer every year.

Some of the symptoms are swelling, redness, whiteness, lumps or ulcers and HPV is known to be a causative factor.

It is important that denture wearers visit the dentist for an annual mouth cancer examination.

Mouth Cancer Action Month is a charity a campaign which aims to address and tackle mouth cancer in the United Kingdom.

The action month aims to get more mouth cancers diagnosed at an early stage by raising awareness of the disease while encouraging everybody to be more vigilant about changes in their mouth.

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