THE council’s head of Environmental Services, Richard Brown, has praised the support of householders as Pembrokeshire’s first week of the new waste and recycling scheme draws to a close, despite teething problems and a claimed rise in bins fires.

“We’re delighted that so many people have got to grips with the new arrangements so quickly,” he said.

“The vast majority have really embraced the new service and we have had surprisingly few issues with most people getting 10 out of 10 for their efforts. Residents are making a big effort to present their boxes and bags correctly, with all the right materials in the right containers. It’s very much appreciated.”

The new waste recycling scheme got off to a mixed start this week, with people complaining of fly-tipping and new kit not being delivered.

Hundreds of people responded to a Western Telegraph Facebook post, asking how the first collection had gone on Monday, November 4.

Confusion over the new waste system has led to a rise in bin fires, a councillor claimed this week.

He added that the collection crews had noted that some people were unsure about exactly what items they can (and can’t) put in their new red recycling bags.

The red bags are for plastic bottles, tubs, trays, pots and punnets, food and drinks cartons (tetra pac) and metal packaging including drinks cans, food tins, foil trays and biscuit tins, etc. but not plastic bags, cling film, crisp packets and so on.

“We are more than happy to help clarify this, especially as so many more items can now be recycled,” said Richard.

"As a result, the council has produced more information in the form of an A-Z guide which is now live on the council’s website for those really keen to recycle as much as they can.”

See and click on Pembrokeshire Recycling A-Z.

The guide is in addition to full details available in the leaflets posted out to households and online.

Richard said he would also like to express his thanks to all the crews involved in the change.

“The service is brand new to them as well, with new lorries and new routes, and the past week has been a challenging time but they have been absolutely brilliant,” he said.

He said the delivery of the remaining boxes and bags to the households which still hadn’t received them was a priority.

“Over 60,000 households have received their containers, but there are still some outstanding,” he said. “We apologise for this and are working hard to deliver them soon as possible. The delivery company we are using have brought in extra resources to do this.”

More than half of the households in the county have new collection days. Check your personalised calendar (posted out in October) if you’re unsure of your collection day.

You can also view

Containers need to be presented at the kerbside by 6.30am as collection times have also changed.

The council urges anyone with queries about the new service to view FAQs and other information at

If this doesn’t answer your query, please email

All email enquiries are being logged but acknowledgement emails are not being sent. However, queries are being dealt with. Please don’t send a follow-up email as it adds to the volume of messages received.

What exactly can I put in my red bag?

Plastic packaging:

Yes please: All clear and coloured plastics bottles, pots, tubs and trays from around the home, including detergent and soap bottles, cleaning product bottles (e.g. bathroom cleaners, bleach - triggers can be left on), skin care product bottles, shampoo/shower gel bottles, drinks and water bottles, milk bottles, margarine and ice-cream tubs, yoghurt pots, food trays, fruit and vegetable punnets, sweets and chocolate plastic tubs.

Put these in your general rubbish: plastic bottles containing chemicals (e.g. anti-freeze), strong chemicals, black or brown plastic, plastic film (such as clingfilm or ready meal lids), carrier bags, bubble wrap, crisp packets, polystyrene, and hard plastics.

Food and drink cartons (tetra pac)

Yes please: all food and drink cartons

Metal packaging

Yes please: drinks cans, food tins, aluminium foil trays and tubes, biscuit tins, chocolates tins, etc.

Put these in your general rubbish: laminated foil (e.g. cat food/ coffee pouches), crisp packets and sweet wrappers, metal containers for chemicals or engine oils, general kitchenware e.g. cutlery, pots and pans and any other metal items like kettles, irons, pipes, white goods.