IN his letter dated October 23, Vian Robert, Saundersfoot, claims I have a pathological dislike of wind energy.


Not surprisingly and as usual he talks emotive rubbish since my reasons for criticising large-scale wind generation in the UK are simply based on sound scientific and engineering fact coupled with a good dose of common sense.

He should carefully note that I do not have a problem with ‘wind energy’ as such, but simply large-scale industrial wind generation in the UK - that will prove to be a nightmare for security of supply with its consequential damage to the UK economy.

I do wonder if Mr Roberts recognises that the very idols he worships are not even engineering turbines, but simply electrical generators connected directly, or via a gearbox and clutch, to a large wind driven propeller – the terms wind turbine and wind farm are purely a case of clever marketing aimed at uninformed and gullible people.

He also states in his letter that: “The strategic use of the interconnector and adequate backup the National Grid can cope with wind’s intermittency”.

It is telling that Mr Roberts is very quiet as to what this backup will be – would that be dirty diesel engine generation, or what?

Surely Mr Roberts is aware that a number of years ago the CEO of the German power company, E.ON stated that no one would be building wind farms if it were not for the subsidy – currently Germany is building coal-fired power stations - time to wake up Vian.

Veritas vos liberati (The truth shall make you free).