AN APPEAL to help locate an unusual missing animal, on the loose in Pembrokeshire, has had a happy end.

While missing cats and dogs are not uncommon, the county rarely sees an emu at large.

The five-foot tall flightless bird had been missing from the Camrose area since last Thursday, November 7.

The antipodean avian, a pet owned by Mark Boulcott of Herbrandston & Narberth Dental Health Practices, escaped the field where he is one of six birds.

Western Telegraph:

The emu actually has a very special role, being the Herbrandston & Narberth Dental Health Practices official pet.

Mark said at the time he was missing: “He is a dental practice pet that we have had since it hatched.

He got spooked by the fireworks and jumped out of his enclosure. He is friendly, but maybe worried or concerned.”

He warned: “If you encounter it, please be aware they can kick and run at an incredible speed.”

Mark’s son Liam, practice manager, offered this advice for any emu encounter: “They are pretty tame, so if people are gentle they should be able to approach it.

“Obviously, they can run at some speed, so, as long as people don't try to chase them and let us know, we can arrange collection.

“They are not aggressive, just curious and due to size can look a bit intimidating.”

Speaking on Wednesday, November 13, Liam said the Boulcott family had now been reunited with the errant emu: “We found him last night about a mile down the road in a field. Located by a couple of horse riders, who let us know.

Western Telegraph:

“Whilst very tired he has been brought home and seems to be recovering well.

“Poor guy was knackered.”