WITH autumn moving into winter and, worse still, a general election on the horizon, rewind to the music of the 1960s,70s and 80s when Radio Caroline North team up with Manx Radio this weekend.

The broadcasts, as usual, start at 10.30am on Saturday, November 23, until 9pm on Sunday, November 24, and originate from the Radio Caroline studios aboard the radio ship, Ross Revenge, moored on the River Blackwater in Essex.

Dig out the old transistor radio, or tune in the car radio if out and about over the weekend, to Manx Radio's MW frequency of 1,368khz AM and listen to radio presentation as it should be.

The programmes are also available on the Manx Radio and Radio Caroline web sites as well as 648khz MW in the late afternoon and throughout the evening.

This is the penultimate monthly link-up of 2019 but the great news is they will continue into 2020.

Happy listening and good luck with any competition entries.


Simpson Cross