IT is absolutely appalling that in the 21st century, St Dogmaels Community Council, due to a Pembrokeshire Council (PCC) myopic proposal, has to distribute a questionnaire relating to the funding of the toilets at Poppit Sands (not forgetting the High Street).

If it were only the local residents using the toilets, then, perhaps, PCC might have a valid point in relinquishing funding – but the most cerebral-challenged person will realise that far more people, other than the residents, will use these much-needed facilities.

Paying to park a car in an area devoid of toilets will put off many visitors - some might define PCC attempting to shift their responsibilities as an act of age discrimination - should the toilets close then members of society hit hardest will be the elderly and families with young children.

What on earth possessed PCC and the National Park to consider such a contentious scenario – do they not understand the meaning of the words: personal needs and hygiene?

Every person in west Wales should protest against this medieval prospect – the tourist industry and those businesses that struggle to make a living from visitors must be totally dismayed - it would appear we are going backward, not forward!