IN response to Richard Chapman's letter (Milford Mercury, November 14), re recycling problems in Milford Haven.

Firstly, I appreciate his sensible concerns for those who are disabled such as himself, and/or have stairs issues.

I agree with his idea for a recycling bin to put the grey bags, which are a health hazard.

Light bulbs are a worry as they shatter easily and could injure the binmen, who told me to put them in the grey bags. However, wrap them in a small bag (the recycling ones) for extra safety.

Can I suggest if you have to keep your recycling bags and boxes in your hallway (due to them being wet), please keep your front door locked at all times. They can ‘go walkies’ or be fly-tipped, especially bottles.

I hope this much-needed recycling scheme will level out any problems soon, communication is vital for all.


Milford Haven