I WAS born in 1944 and unlike Mr John Cole (Western Telegraph letters, November 13) I do not remember the poverty of the 1930s.

I do, however, remember aftermath of World War Two, food and clothing shortages did not mean much to me because I knew nothing different.

I do remember bitter cold weather and prolonged power cuts, the coal fire having to be extinguished because the water had been cut off for repairs.

Atlee, Bevin, Bevan, Morrison and Wilson were determined to bring equality to everyone, and I wonder what they would think of UKIP and the Brexit party?

Mr Cole would do well to remember that there hasn’t been a war in Europe for our lifetime, as a result we have lived comfortable lives (no thanks to City bankers).

There is racism in every political party, but there are many good people in all the political parties, the parties that are all bigger than ‘one or two oddballs’.

What are UKIP’s plans for schools, colleges, the NHS etc Mr Cole?

I know who I will vote for, and frankly I don’t care where you decide to place your X on voting day.