I NOTE with some amusement Mr Haskell claims he follows the science in regard to current energy generation (Western Telegraph letters).

I can hear the roars of laughter from all corners of Pembrokeshire.

He is clearly not aware that 97 per cent of the world's climate scientists all agree that manmade climate change is happening and is presenting an existential threat to all life on our planet.

There are a few climate scientists who hold contrarian views, some of whom take substantial payments from the fossil fuel industry. One has been paid 1.2 million dollars. Draw your own conclusions.

In order to stand a chance of reducing the impact of climate change, it essential that we decarbonise the way we live.

Part of this has to be to eliminate our use of fossil fuels and this obviously includes power generation.

All major political parties now accept this, and aim for our country to be carbon neutral by 2050. Many scientists think it should be much sooner. Renewable energy in all forms is one of the ways forward.

When this is inadequate. use of the interconnector with France (non-carbon nuclear energy) and the interconnector with Ireland (wind energy) will make up much of the shortfall.

By 2021 the interconnector with Norway should be open, allowing a supply of clean green hydroelectricity to be fed into our National Grid.

Sadly, it seems Mr Haskell fits the stereotype of those who lack experience and knowledge of manmade climate change and this leaves them vulnerable and prey to unscrupulous people and misleading propaganda.

Wake up Dave.