A NEW Haverfordwest business wants to help children and families this Christmas.

AnneMarie Greene from Opia Hair and Beauty decided the best way she could help would be to become a donation point for the local foodbank charity, Patch.

“We opened the business in August, I knew I wanted to do something for Christmas,” Ms Greene said.

“I have been following Patch for a while and I think they’re just such a good thing to donate to.

“Christmas is a time for giving and there are a lot of children out there without a lot.

“Patch do amazing work, I see them everywhere and I think they’re such a worthwhile cause.

AnneMarie’s business, which is located within the new S7 gym, has been encouraging other local businesses to donate

“I thought with their help we would be able to make a big difference,” she said.

“I’m trying to get everybody involved, I’ve been mithering everyone to be honest.

“It costs £42 to feed a family of four for five days.

“I’m also trying to raise money as well, any tips I get will go to Patch.

“I will be doing a big shop at the end of the week.

“Patch is short on canned meats, canned meals, so I’m going to try to get a couple of bags of food stuff for them.”

“I feel fortunate to be in a position that I can get my boy what he wants and I want to help those that can’t do that for their kids."

If you would like to make a donation, toy donations can be dropped off until the end of this week and food donations until next Saturday.

Donations after that time will still be taken but may not be able to go out before Christmas.