IN her letter to the Western Telegraph, November 27, Jan Roberts suggests that we should ignore the views of 54 per cent of this county and further delay our exit from the EU.

Such a suggestion should be resisted by remainers and leavers alike. Not only would the uncertainty (that has already paralysed our economy and led to many businesses and individuals having to delay their future plans) continue indefinitely, but to achieve this outcome would unquestionably involve Jeremy Corbyn having to capitulate to the demands of the SNP for another independence referendum in Scotland too.

More importantly, there are few things more precious than respect for a democratic vote, handed to all of us for the purposes of making this decision. Whatever we may think about the campaigns, we all had an equal chance to filter fact from fiction, claims from counter claims.

It is condescending to claim, as some do, that leavers were duped but remainers saw through the whole scam.

Our local MP Simon Hart deserves all of our respect for remaining consistent in his regard for the democratic process. For that reason alone he should be re-elected next week.


East Williamston