AROUND 50 delegates from all over Wales came to Fishguard's Gateway Hub on Wednesday to learn about Transition Bro Gwaun's (TBG's) experience of engaging the community in a conversation about climate change through the arts.

Over the summer TBG ran a variety of arts-based community events to engage local people in discussions about the climate crisis.

These included the creation and performance of two pieces of theatre, songs, storytelling, comedy and music as well as a talk by Extinction Rebellion activist, Sian Vaughan, and participation in the inaugural Aberjazz parade.

More recently local school children helped design and paint a climate change mural on the wall running up to the Gateway Hub.

The summer of climate conversation was supported by Renew Wales, an organisation that supports communities to take action on climate change.

"Today is about sharing what we learnt this summer from the arts-based events we did and finding out from yourselves what seems to be working in your organisations," said TBG trustee, Chris Samra. "We are hoping to move this forward in the future, working with community groups in the north Pembrokeshire area."