REGULAR readers will have noted that Eleanor Clegg, Friends of the Earth, and Christopher Jessop, independent energy consultant, have now joined forces with Charles Mason, The Environmental Network Pembrokeshire, in writing to the letters page.

Perhaps they see themselves as the Three Wise Monkeys on all matters relating to the environment and the use of energy - this is not to overlook friend Vian Roberts, Saundersfoot, with his worldly views.

Thus, I wonder if these pillars of wisdom will enlighten readers to what will power the country when fossil-fuel power stations are closed down.

For example, at 6.45pm on November 22 – a cold, wet and windy evening - the total demand for UK electricity was 43.27 GW, of which gas provided 18.74 GW (43 per cent), Nuclear 6.89 GW (16 per cent), wind 7.60 GW (18 per cent) and solar was zero (0 per cent), with the balance from other sources – no doubt Mr Christopher Jessop, will try and suggest this data is false propaganda by yours truly (aka Lord Haw-Haw), although the truth can be determined by simply visiting for UK electricity - to reasonable and sensible folk the data shown on this website is irrefutable.

Thus, perhaps Mr Jessop, wearing his energy consultant cap, can kindly explain to readers what will replace the fossil-fuel power stations if our myopic leaders actually close down all these stations.

To be sure, everyone knows the sun does not shine at night and the wind does not always blow at the correct speed for wind generation - it obviously follows that a wind generator nor solar panel can be relied upon for a secure 24-hour energy supply.

But then what can Mr Jessop offer for meaningful backup since he is anti-nuclear (well done), minimises hydro and is silent on tidal energy – so what is he left with except dirty diesel engine generation backup and interconnectors; noting the proposed new Irish Interconnector to Pembrokeshire has only the capacity for 500 MW, bearing in mind Pembrokeshire CCGT Station has the capacity to generate 2,000 MW!

Then, of course, there is the drive (excuse the pun) for electric vehicles - perhaps our worldly, wise and knowledgeable friends can explain where all this additional power will be coming from?

Not to forget the upgrading of the existing electricity network to accommodate this increase of power usage – perhaps they do not understand power loss/overheating in inadequate sized power conductors?

I wonder what Lewis Carroll would have made of all this madness if he were alive today – maybe another best seller entitled ‘Jessop and Friends in Wonderland’.