AFTER the new recycling regime started, I came across an old orange recycling bag from the previous regime.

Obviously, I am unable to use it now as my part of my weekly recycling regime and I have no other use for it.

It clearly states in a box on the bag in both English and Welsh: “Help us to ensure that valuable resources are not buried or lost - please recycle. This bag was manufactured using recycled plastic and will be recycled again”.

As I couldn’t use it anymore and saw that Pembrokeshire County Council has held it out as being recyclable plastic, I have put the empty orange bag with the rest of the plastic for recycling in the red plastic recycling sack for the past couple of weeks.

Each week the council’s waste collection people refuse to take it.

I’ve become frustrated that the Pembrokeshire County Council won’t recycle plastic waste of their own creation which they hold out to be recyclable, so I’ve popped the unwanted orange bag in the post to the council’s chief executive. Hopefully, he might have the gumption to ensure that it is recycled even if his staff refuse to do so.

It rather makes you wonder what happens to all the now unnecessary and unused orange bags.

I also now wonder if they are recyclable or not, and were they ever recycled - especially having read on your ‘Letters’ page that the food waste bags are non-compostable and non-recyclable.

It also makes you wonder how recyclable the recycling paraphernalia is (especially the food waste caddies, and the cardboard recycling box) when they become redundant or broken or lost.

I’m sure that we won’t be able to use them forever - and when we can’t use them what happens to them then? Seems like a lot more single-use plastic being foisted on us by a council which purports to be discouraging single-use plastic.

I do hope I can be proved wrong on that.