A 17-YEAR-OLD inventor from Ysgol y Preseli has won the Intellectual Property Prize at this year's WJEC Innovation Awards.

Morgan Rhys Clewer-Evans took the prize for his farm gate safety device. If a gate is going to slam, it stops it in its track and could prevent many injuries

"Coming from a farming family, I wanted to create a one-of-a-kind product which could be used to solve a huge problem on farms – gate safety," said Morgan.

"Farm gates can become dangerous as they can slam shut even in a small gust of wind. It gets difficult and unpredictable to open and close gates properly in all kinds of weather conditions, but this product will stop a gate in its tracks if the gate builds up too much momentum.

"For this design, I was particularly inspired to help my family and my community, and so it was important to me that I tested it out with a number of farmers in the area and took all their comments on board to make sure the product would lock safely and securely.

"The final prototype worked really well, and it meant a lot to me that the community felt proud of my design work.

"If it were to go to market, the product would go on to save and improve lives of farmers and their families across the country, so I'm incredibly proud of the design and am really happy to be recognised by the Intellectual Property Office for all the effort I put into it."

This year's awards ceremony at The Pierhead Building was attended by students, parents and teachers who came along to see the most original project work by students studying Design and Technology at GCSE, AS and A level.

Welsh inventors have been instrumental in bringing the world some of its most game-changing inventions including the modern microphone, X-ray and radar technology.

The annual Innovation Awards, in partnership with the Welsh Government, aims to encourage future generations to continue this legacy by challenging the design of everyday products and services, and finding innovative solutions to problems we face each day.

WJEC chief executive, Ian Morgan, said:

"I'm sure these are just the first of many exciting achievements to come for Morgan and all the other winners and young people shortlisted here today. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for each of them."