IF Dorset can do it why can't Pembrokeshire?

Sunday's popular TV programme Countryfile tackled the subject of a recent report by the countryside charity CPRE on value of county farms and the threat to their existence.

County farms are a community asset yet are being sold off for short term financial gain and are often lost to agriculture forever. Dorset Council is already taking positive steps to protect their farms and to make them available to young farmers to make a living.

Trecadwgan Farm in Solva featured in the programme as an exciting model for community farming that could include agriculture, events, crafts and a care farm. Yet the future of the Farm for community benefit remains uncertain.

The deadline for sealed bids was December 13 and Pembrokeshire County Council has informed bidders that the process for making a decision is going to continue beyond that date.

The whole process of acquiring this farm for our community has been difficult and protracted and we welcome the change in policy announced by Councillor Bob Kilmister.

However the changes that will follow the proposed Community Asset Transfer Policy will come too late to be of benefit to us.

Following the disappointment of our first backer withdrawing from the purchase we now have a new investor who is also very much in tune with our vision for the community and environment.

We hope that we will be able to buy the farm to help PCC achieve their policy goal in transferring assets to communities in a transparent way.

Together we make sure that county farms will continue to benefit future generations.


Cymdeithas Trecadwgan,