NOW that we have a new Conservative government, they will be able to follow their agenda as set out in their manifesto.

Only time will tell if, as the United Kingdom, we are able to flourish set free from the protections and regulations that our EU membership gives us.

Will the Good Friday Agreement be able to withstand the border in the Irish sea?

Will we still have parliamentary sovereignty which currently is supreme over all other government institutions, including executive or judicial bodies?

Will the judiciary remain totally independent from government direction?

Will the BBC still be able to continue as the UK's primary source of news (renowned for its accuracy and considered most trusted for its reporting - not just in the UK but around the world)?

As we seek to do deals with the US, will we be able resist the might and influence of American pharmaceutical companies to keep UK drug prices low?

Also, will our National Institute of Health and Care Excellence maintain its role in regulating new drugs?

Will people and businesses be protected from the changes that will undoubtedly occur as a result of us leaving the EU - our closest trading partner with over 500 million citizens - plus the 40 other deals arranged by the EU covering 70 countries?

Whatever the outcomes in the future, the Conservative government, with its huge majority, will be solely responsible for all that happens to this country.

Only time will tell!