More than 70 people started 2020 with a sense of porpoise at a popular north Pembrokeshire cetacean spotting event.

Sea Trust’s New Year’s Day porpoise watch at Strumble Head attracted droves wildlife lovers, from babes in arms to grandparents and all ages in between.

Peering through binoculars onlookers were rewarded for their persistence with sightings of seals, porpoises and a pod of Risso’s dolphins, as well as an array of seabirds.

Among the animals sighted was Jupiter, a porpoise identifiable by marks on her dorsal fin and one of Sea Trust’s regulars in its ground-breaking Porpoise ID project.

As well as a good showing of porpoises, onlookers also spotted rare Risso’s dolphins.

“Rich Campbell had reported seeing the Risso’s the previous day and they have been showing on and off since mid-October but this was a real bonus,” said Sea Trust founder, Cliff Benson.

“A pod of six to eight Risso's cruised past distant, but visible to the naked eye. Luckily we had supplied some binoculars to some of the people who did not have their own so I am pretty sure most people got a decent view. Later another distant smaller pod also was spotted. Porpoises were also showing well.”

This was Sea Trust’s 15th annual New Years Day Porpoise watch at Strumble Head.

“It’s always a bit nerve-wracking planning an event. Especially when the events are dependent on the weather and whether or not the focus of the event, in this case wild marine mammals, will actually turn up,” said Cliff.

“But seventy odd people had a great start to the New Year with seals and porpoises giving good views as well as Risso’s."

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