A Hakin man who failed to produce a urine sample has avoided an immediate prison sentence.

Paul Heathfield, of Harbour Way, pleaded guilty to failing to provide a urine specimen while suspected of an offence when he appeared at Haverfordwest magistrates court on Tuesday, January 7.

Vaughan Pritchard-Jones, prosecuting, said police received a report that a van had collided with three parked cars in Bufferland Terrace, Pembroke Dock, at 9.20pm on December 20.

The vehicle, which had been outside a local pub for the afternoon, drove off, but was found parked at the side of the road with Heathfield in the driver’s seat.

The alarm was going off and the lights were on. The officer could smell alcohol when they reached inside and took the keys out.

Mr Pritchard-Jones said: “He appeared to be highly intoxicated, he was slurring his words and was unsteady on his feet.”

Heathfield, 39, was taken to Haverfordwest police station, but stated he was unable to provide a breath sample due to his anxiety and depression, or blood due to PTSD.

He then agreed to provide a specimen of urine for analysis, but failed to produce a sample within the required time.

Mr Pritchard-Jones added: “The officer was bending over backwards to be kind and reasonable.”

The court heard Heathfield regretted his actions, but was unable to give a reason for them.

Jonathan Webb, defending, said Heathfield, a builder, pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.

He added: “He accepts he is very much the author of his own downfall. He realises he was not helping himself by taking this tact.”

Magistrates imposed a 12-week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months with 150 hours of unpaid work.

Heathfield was ordered to pay £207 in cost and a surcharge and banned from driving for 30 months.