A HEART-WARMING video has been posted of two little piglets, part of the group of animals removed from Pembroke Dock’s Bramble Hall Farm, now enjoying their new ‘forever home’.

Fifty-three pigs, which had faced a death sentence after being removed from Bramble Hall, are now officially enjoying a safe ‘forever home’ at an animal

The pigs were among more than 200 animals rescued from Bramble Hall Farm during a late January 2019 two-day operation, involving multiple agencies including police, Pembrokeshire County Council, and animal welfare groups.

A successful civil legal call was made in early March by Pembrokeshire County Council for the formal ownership of the animals.

The request for the order was made against Sean Burns and others, of Rosehill Lodge, Ferry Lane.

Sadly, part of the order was to cull 53 pigs after the court heard, and watched, horrific scenes of pigs fighting over the carcasses of sheep at the site.

One of the main reasons the 53 pigs face being killed is the risk of transmittable conditions, such as TSE (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy), a disease similar to the that prevalent in the 80s and 90s in cows (BSE), entering the food supply chain if they are allowed to live.

The fears of TSE followed the harrowing scenes where the pigs were seen eating sheep carcasses.

After the porkers’ plight became public knowledge, vegan activists Vegan Action Wales campaigned to save their bacon, working with west Wales animal sanctuary Beneath the Wood offered to provide ‘forever homes’ for the 53, provided tests showed they are not a threat to the food chain.

Pigs being pigs, the number rehoused at Beneath the Wood increased to 84, thanks to the arrival of many little piglets.

Two of the piglets, Kit and Jesse, were recently taken to their new home, Dean Farm Trust, by Beneath The Wood Sanctuary, who said: “Having taken these two boy pigs to their forever home at Dean Farm Trust recently, to see them running around like this is heartwarming and so beautiful.”

Dean Farm Trust added: “We are delighted to announce that the little piglets who arrived last Friday, now have names - Kit which means ‘hope’, and Jesse, which means ‘blessing’. We’ve given these boys special names to reflect how lucky they are and how compassion has saved them.”

Associated criminal proceedings continue to be progressed through the courts.