“Abused” recycling bins have been removed from around Pembrokeshire, after incorrect items have contaminated them.

Recycling bins in Goodwick Moor; Llangwm; Kilgetty; Spike’s Lane and Robert Street, Milford Haven; Carew, Clynderwen and Rifleman’s Field were removed.

In a statement, Pembrokeshire County Council said the removal was “not totally because of illegal fly-tipping.”

A spokesman said: “The fact is that for some time now the facility has been generally abused and it is not producing any materials for recycling.”

The containers were being contaminated, making the recyclable material unusable, for example, dirty nappies being deposited in the facility for glass.

The spokesman added that this is a long-standing problem, “unconnected with introduction of the new waste and recycling service in November.”