AS a vegetarian since the age of five, may I support Clare Morgan, of NFU Cymru?

['Veganuary misinformation about farming' letter]

Humans are mammals – born to consume milk.

Personally, I would find it extremely difficult to live without dairy products, most of which I find quite delicious.

I also happen to believe that animals were put on this earth to be milked and to be eaten.

My message to my carnivorous friends (and my husband was ‘normal’) is to consume meat from a good source, so that they can be assured that the animal has had a good life and a reasonable death.

Perhaps you will have to reduce your portions slightly, but you will have a better quality of meat.

I would have grave concerns about babies and small children being ‘nourished’ by a vegan diet.

Where do the protein, calcium, vitamins, minerals, etc come from?


Dinas Cross