A YOUNG dolphin trapped in Fishguard Harbour is being closely observed by staff and volunteers from conservation charity Sea Trust, who hope it will return to sea when the tide turns this evening.

Sea Trust staff were told about the stranded mammal as they came into work this morning by a local man who had spotted it in the harbour.

“The dolphin has become stuck in the harbour because of the storm,” said Sea Trust citizen science project officer Holly Dunn.

“We are keeping it under observation and waiting for the tide to go out to see if it will go out wit the tide or if it is going to strand.

“It looks like it might be tangled in something but possibly not because it has been moving freely. It is definitely exhausted and looks in pretty bad shape but it has been picking up energy and moving around.

“The best case scenario is that it will go out on the tide this evening. It is possible that there are dolphin out beyond the harbour waiting for it.

“If it does strand we can get straight to it and asses the situation. We can cut it free if it is tangled and try to refloat it.

“The RSPCA and the strandings network (CSIP) have been and assessed the situation. If It does strand then CSIP will take over the situation.

“We have been watching it all day and are keeping a close eye on the situation.”