A BUS shelter in Pembroke Dock’s Water Street is being regularly hit by vandals, members of the town council heard.

At the January meeting of Pembroke Dock Town Council, members heard a letter of complaint had been received stating the shelter had been “badly graffitied and damaged by youths”.

The issue has been highlighted with Pembrokeshire County Council, members heard.

Clerk Sarah Scourfield said: “It’s something that’s re-occurring; we’re hoping, with the support from police, something can be done. It’s a vicious circle with the youths in the town at the moment.”

Councillor Jane Philips said other parts of the town were suffering the effects of antisocial behaviour, with youths throwing stones.

Cllr Philips said she had actually been hit on the head by a stone on one occasion.

Members were told to raise any issues with the police.