British Bake Off judge, famous restaurateur and chef, Prue Leith, has lent her support to the edible insect movement after sampling VEXo, an insect and plant protein created by Bug Farm Foods.

VEXo can be used in a similar way to minced meat, VEXo can be used in a similar way to minced meat, while reducing saturated fat by more than 80 per cent.

TV star and presenter, Prue, sampled it at the recent Public Catering Expo and branded the protein "tasty and nutritious". She added that bug farming requires less land and water than traditional farming, costs less and produces less ammonia.

Prue is no stranger to the concept of edible insects, having grown up in South Africa. In a recent article in the Telegraph she recalled her family's maid catching and eating hatching termites as they flew out a jacaranda tree.

The Telegraph article put Prue on the front page extolling the virtues of eating insects and also included a recipe using crickets from the Bug Farm.

"It is wonderful to see someone like Prue Leith, who not only is passionate about healthy school meals, but also has a strong public following, supporting the burgeoning edible insect sector here in the UK," said Bug Farm founder, Dr Sarah Beynon.

"Prue describing our Bug Farm Foods VEXo in The Telegraph as 'nutritious and tasty' is everything we could wish for. We have worked hard to develop VEXo as a sustainable, nutritious and tasty food that will sit alongside the other great food produced in Wales, increasing our food diversity at a time of great environmental and social change.

"We are now working hard to change western attitudes towards insect protein more generally. People are often nervous of new things and often have preconceptions about how insects are farmed and the taste of food containing insect protein.

"We are encouraging consumers to be open-minded to the concept of food containing insect protein: it really is just normal food!"

This normal food could soon be featuring on the menus of schools across the county.

A theme day is set to be held in a number of Pembrokeshire primary schools later this term where pupils will have the option of choosing dishes made with VEXo insect protein.

Pembrokeshire County Council will review feedback from the event before making a decision as to whether to introduce dishes made with VEXo on to every day school menus.