A STOLEN campervan taken from the drive of a property in Pembrokeshire in the early hours of this morning was found burnt out just hours later.

The Ford Transit vehicle was driven away from just outside Narberth shortly after 2am.

Zachary Bunce, the son of the owner, originally put out an appeal on social media this morning (Friday January 24) in a bid to find the camper van.

In an update, he has now revealed that the van was recovered by firefighters at 5.30am, only 1.4 miles down the road from his mother's address on the Llanmill Road.

The vehicle was completely burnt out and the heat of the blaze was so intense that it melted overhead power lines.

Posting on Facebook, Zachary said: "We have found out thanks to CCTV in the local area that the van was stolen at 2:08 in the early hours of this morning.

"They ram-raided my mother's driveway gates smashing them to bits and in the process damaging the van down both sides badly (thanks to the 3 locks on the gate) and smashing into the hedge outside my mother's house in the process.

"About 0.5 miles way from the house we found part of the back bumper ripped off and partly in a hedge.

"And then, guessing by the road and tyre markings, was driven into a ditch and set on fire..

"The blaze became so hot that there is literally nothing left of the van, thanks to a full tank of fuel and two gas bottles inside.

"The van became so hot that the overhead power lines melted, the glass after the explosion from the gas bottles melted together, and every bit of aluminium including the alloy wheels, part of the engine and the complete gearbox literally melted into nothing..."

Zachary has thanked everyone who has shared his posts on social media, and added: "If you know anything about this incident, can you please contact me or the police on 101."