DEAR Eluned Morgan, this is to let you know that we, as Pembrokeshire residents (one of us Welsh and the other who, although English, over a 50 year period, has lived, studied, worked and brought up a family in Wales) agree with every word of your letter published in the Western Telegraph.

We have indeed shed tears for the EU.

As have younger members of our families in Cardiff, Bristol and Southampton.

Nothing we can say can add any more value to the expressed concerns you have raised so eloquently.

One point you made about the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz struck a deep chord with us both.

In 2018 we visited Auschwitz.

It was important to us to gain a greater, first-hand understanding of the roles our parents’ generation played in the fight for freedom and democracy.

Like many others, our parents - who were lucky enough to survive the war and later build homes and families - would or could not talk to us about those active roles until much later in life, if at all.

This was perhaps understandable – but a mistake.

As you say, peace must never be taken for granted.

Over a number of years, we have welcomed visitors from all over Europe to our home.

We are sending copies of your letter to valued friends, young and old, in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and other EU countries.

They must not be allowed to forget that nearly half of the voting British public in 2016 did not want Brexit – and that most of us will continue to work to maintain good and mutually beneficial relationships with our neighbours.


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