A TOWN council, slammed for continuing to display an official portrait of former mayor David Boswell long after he was convicted of child rape, has been asked to publicly apologise for doing so.

The photographic portrait was on display in Pembroke Town Hall, amongst other former mayors, more than a year after David Boswell, known as Dai, was found guilty of raping one girl and indecently assaulting another when they were both aged under 10.

The council has now removed the picture.

Boswell was jailed for 18 years in 2018 for historic child sex offences, pre-dating his time as mayor and county councillor.

The portrait of the disgraced former mayor was seen on display in the town hall in January, sparking the ire of Pembroke resident Marcel Laval, who said: “I find it disgusting that Pembroke Town Council are convinced they should hang a portrait of their convicted paedophile ex-mayor Dai Boswell in a place of honour alongside other former mayors to be admired by the public.”

Mr Laval has now contacted the council, asking for the matter to be raised as a question from the public at its February 13 meeting in Pembroke Town Hall.

"Would the chamber please advise when the decision was taken to re-hang the convicted paedophile Dai Boswell's mayoral portrait back on the wall of the town hall? Further who came to the decision?

“Was the decision reached by an individual councillor and/or collective majority of the chamber?

“Will a full and sincere public apology be given by the entire chamber for their exceptionally poor performance on this issue and that they failed to follow their own adopted safeguarding policy?

“Will the entire chamber give an assurance to never re-hang the said portrait again in the lifetime of the offender’s victims?”

Pembroke Town Council has confirmed the matter will be on the February 13 meeting agenda for discussion.