The son of an elderly woman, who died after a fall at a care home, has praised the staff who cared for her.

Jean Leah Stanley, aged 94, from Williamston Nursing Home, Milford Haven, died on October 8, 2019.

Mrs Stanley had been a hairdresser, running her own salon, before she moved to Pembrokeshire in 1989, the coroner’s court heard on Thursday, January 30.

During her later life, Mrs Stanley suffered from vascular dementia, reduced vision and was hard of hearing.

The trainee coroner’s officer, Maggie Julien said: "During the evening of Thursday, October 3, 2019, and into Friday, October 4, Mrs Stanley suffered two falls at Williamston Nursing Home.

"The first she was found on her hands and knees on the floor of her room at approximately 8pm.

“She was checked over by the nurse, who dressed an abrasion to her left elbow with Iodine.

“Mrs Stanley did complain of pain to her left side and she was given paracetamol, which seemed to settle her and she was able to go to sleep.

"Another check was done at 10pm where she was found on the bathroom floor."

Mrs Stanley complained of pain again and she was given more paracetamol.

The next morning Mrs Stanley was found to have severe swelling to her face and down her body.

Mrs Stanley was treated for a punctured lung at Withybush Hospital and passed away four days later.

Speaking at the inquest, Mr Hornsby, Mrs Stanley’s son, said: "She lived to 94 and I have to say, for the 18 months she was in the nursing home, she blossomed. I should have taken her in earlier.

“When she was at home she wouldn't get out of her dressing gown - they wouldn't stand for that sort of nonsense in the nursing home.

“You had to get dressed, you couldn't feel like a victim. She blossomed.

“There was life going on around her and the staff were wonderful. It was a marvellous place."

He added: "With her dementia, you could tell her the same joke over and over again, I've got quite a few and she was able to follow along until the punchline and get it. She always knew who I was when I visited.”

Mark Layton, coroner for Pembrokeshire said in his conclusion: "In short, my conclusion is one of accidental death.

"Mrs Stanley died of injuries sustained in unwitnessed falls at the nursing home that directly caused her death."