A 39-year-old woman died of accidental drugs overdose; a coroner has said.

Alyson Adams, of Ael-Y-Felin, Trefin, was 39 years old when she died on July 27, 2019.

Maggie Julien, the trainee coroner’s officer for Pembrokeshire, said Ms Adams suffered from stress and depression after working as a carer.

Ms Adams developed anxiety, becoming withdrawn, spending all her time with her parents.

To treat her depression, Ms Adams started seeing a doctor at Bro Cerwyn in Haverfordwest, having around eight sessions of counselling .

Ms Adams had been hoping to get more counselling but was told at the start of 2019 that there was a ten month waiting list for the next batch of sessions.

The court heard the counselling appeared to work, with Ms Adams appearing in good spirits.

On July 26, 2019, Ms Adams went out shopping with her mother and bought flowers for a friend she was to see the following morning.

“She seemed, fine happy and excited for the next day,” Ms Julien said.

She went to bed after asking her mum to wake her in the morning. Ms Adams was found the next morning lying on her bed cold to the touch, paramedics arrived and pronounced life extinct.

A toxicology report found no alcohol in her system but did find tramadol was found in a high concentration, as well as diazepam and pregabalin.

Mark Layton, the coroner for Pembrokeshire, said the level of tramadol was at a level “which has been associated with deaths in the past.”

A post-mortem report recorded the death as due to unnatural causes due to cardiorespiratory depression.

Mr Layton recorded a conclusion of a drugs-related death.

“It wasn’t an intentional overdose intended to end Ms Adams life,” he said to the family present. “To my mind, it’s an overdose of medication but there is no suggestion it was done to end your late daughter’s life.”