AN APPLICATION for a guest house in the centre of Angle to open to what objectors described a “nightclub hours” could turn the village into another Tenby, attracting “rowdy hen and possibly stag weekends,” objectors have warned.

Applicant The Globe – Angle Ltd seeks, among other conditions, openings as late as 2.30am seven days a week to the public, 2am Friday-Sunday recorded music and dance performances, and late-night refreshments available as late as 5am, with alcohol served up to 1am.

The application is to be heard at tomorrow’s February 13 meeting of Pembrokeshire County Council’s licensing sub-committee.

Concerns have been raised about some of the wording of the application, with the community council asking about many of the proposals, with the 2.30am opening to the general public drawing many questions.

“As the venue is open to its residents anyway, does this mean that anyone will have access? If so, this raises concerns about the encouragement of antisocial drinking and impact on other aspects of village life.”

Among those objecting, numerous concerns have been raised.

“Angle is a quiet village; it is not Tenby! Hosting rowdy hen and possibly stag weekends concerns me. We have no regular public transport or village shop,” wrote one objector, adding: “Whilst the Globe may offer extra services for self-catering visitors, this application seems to be in line with a hotel/ event application.”

Another stated: “Allowing what amounts to nightclub hours to this applicant would not be suitable for our small village.”

Concerns were also raised about a potential increase in traffic.

“These proposed activities will completely disrupt the village community and remove the rural calm, which is so attractive to current residents and numerous family visitors,” said one objector.

Another wrote: “This will mean a significant increase in noisy traffic on the roads late at night. There are no pavements on this section of the street and this will also make the road more dangerous and also a risk to the safety of children.”

In a statement, the Globe said: “The Globe is indeed appearing at Haverfordwest county hall, tomorrow, February 13, in regards to our license application.

“The application has been put in to enable us to serve alcohol with our light lunches, offer a drink to our bed and breakfast guests of an evening, and at the select few wedding receptions we host for local marriages, also to be able to run a small ‘bottle bar’ for functions.

“As a venue that is looking to be a sustainable 12 months of the year and a local employer, to enable us to sell alcohol would help us to continue to do this. We are a fabulous newly renovated Edwardian five-star building, and we strive to carry through our five-star standard in all areas of the business.

“In regards to our application drinking until 2 am and food until 5 am, these would only be for large private functions inside over a weekend period – these timings have come from the terms of the application as we would like to be able to offer midnight buffets to guests that are staying and paying to be at The Globe. These are set times set by the council application.

“We will never be a public house, a nightclub or takeaway venue. To strengthen this point, we can only hold a maximum of 150 people outside, 50 people inside and only sleeping 24 inside.

“We can understand the locals wanting to preserve Angle as quiet village, and we are striving to do the same but with the added objective of bringing tourists to Angle to see its beauty and also to spend time in other local business.”