Two brothers from Birmingham stole £2,000 of mobile phones they could not use.

The teens, who cannot be named due to a court order, appeared together in the dock at Haverfordwest magistrates court on Tuesday, February 4.

The 13 year-old and 17 year-old both pleaded guilty to theft from a shop.

No evidence was offered against the boy’s father, who denied the offence, and the charge was withdrawn against him.

Dennis Davies, prosecuting, said the boys entered Tesco, Pembroke Dock on January 3 and stole two iPhones valued at £1,998 from a display stand.

The alarm sounded as the pair ran away.

Mr Davies added that they would be unlikely to able to use the stolen phones, as they were for demonstration purposes only.

“It shows how stupid some people can be - to take a dummy phone that you may not be able to use.”

The items were recovered from the family home the following day.

Mr Davies said: “It is a high value theft, close to £2,000, and there was an element of targeting the store.”

The court heard that the brothers were previously of clean character.

Stephen John, defending, said the family had travelled for more than five hours to attend their court hearing.

“Some 30 seconds or so resulted in £2,000 of electronic goods being taken. That’s a particularly serious offence.”

Magistrates referred the case to Birmingham youth court for sentencing, and the pair will next appear at a hearing on February 27.

The chairman of the bench said: “Your few seconds of impulse on that day will cost you dearly.”