Police could smell cannabis coming from a drug-driving tree-surgeon’s car, a court has heard.

Thomas Ross, of Merlins Hill, Haverfordwest, pleaded guilty to driving while over the controlled drug limit, when he appeared at Haverfordwest magistrates court on Tuesday, February 11.

Vaughan Pritchard-Jones, prosecuting, said police could smell cannabis when they stopped Ross’ Renault Clio on the C3007 at Freystop, on September 5, and a drug swipe gave a positive reading.

The court heard that tree-surgeon Ross, 28, was previously of clean character.

Jonathan Webb, defending, said: “He had taken cannabis the previous evening and thought that he was fine to drive the next day.

“At 7pm the next day there was an amount found in his system.”

Mr Webb added Ross could lose his job as a result of a driving disqualification.

“Mr Ross tells me that having provided a blood sample, his car keys were returned and he was sent on his merry way, so the officer obviously did not feel that there were any risks.”

Magistrates banned Ross from driving for 12 months and fined him £253.

He was ordered to pay £85 costs and a £32 surcharge.