CÔR DYSGWYR Sir Benfro (Pembrokeshire Welsh learners' choir) recently had an unforgettable experience, filming for the popular S4C programme Corau Rhys Meirion (Rhys Meirion's Choirs).

The series follows the renowned Welsh tenor who brings people together to sing. The programme shows how being a member of a choir enriches lives and strengthens feeling of togetherness within communities.

Côr Dysgwyr Sir Benfro consists of Welsh learners of all levels. They enjoy coming together to sing. Learning lyrics and memorable melodies improves their language skills and raises their awareness of the Welsh language and its rich culture.

"Being a member of the choir is a fun way to socialise with other learners and helps a great deal with pronunciation" said choir member Peter Morgan.

The choir has sung on the main stage at the National Eisteddfod twice and enjoys singing a repertoire of folk songs, hymns and Welsh popular songs in various events across the county.

For the programme the choir had the opportunity to experience singing Cerdd Dant, which is the art of performing poetry to harp accompaniment. Parti'r Gromlech, joined the choir especially for the programme and rehearsals were held under the guidance of their experienced leader, Eleri Roberts.

"It was an honour and a privilege to sing with Rhys Meirion and Parti'r Gromlech and to receive coaching by Eleri Roberts.

"Filming the programme has been a great opportunity to socialize and practise with fluent Welsh speakers" said choir member Dianne Williams.

The said a big 'Diolch yn fawr' to Rhys Meirion and the television company Cwmni Da for the experience.

The programme is available to download on S4C Clic with English subtitles.