THE remains of a leatherback turtle, the largest sea turtle species in the world, has been found at Manorbier beach.

Leatherback turtles are summer visitors to Wales, feasting on jellyfish, making an epic journey of around 7,000km from tropical waters where they nest, to colder waters where they feed.

Caroline Barber, of Penally-based Barber’s Dog Grooming and Pet Care Services, was walking her Jack Russell dogs on the beach this morning, February 26, when she made the unfortunate discovery.

Caroline, who supplied the Western Telegraph with a picture of the deceased creature, said: “I think it’s a turtle washed up on Manorbier beach.

“I couldn’t really investigate it as I had three dogs with me and they would’ve loved rolling in it, but was stinking; it looked very turtle-ish.

“It’s completely decomposed, there’s no flesh, which made me think it couldn’t be a cow or anything.

“I’ve never seen anything like that there, never ever.”

Caroline had contacted the RSPCA, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, and other organisations, including Pembrokeshire Marine Wildlife.

The image was posted on social media, with much speculation as to what it was, before a formal identification was made.

Pembrokeshire Marine Wildlife confirmed the identity of the carcass: “It is a leatherback, reported on Sunday.

“Rod Penrose from Marine Strandings has been informed. It is fairly rare though they do regularly feed on jellyfish in Carmarthen Bay.”