CONCERNS are being voiced over a 5G mobile phone mast proposed for a Pembrokeshire village.

The mast, standing at 17.5 metres - over 55 feet - would be visible to over 100 homes in Manorbier, as well as the castle, church and coastal path.

"A mast this size can emit signals up to 70km, and we feel it is inappropriate to put such a big structure in Manorbier village," said resident Kate Blackwell.

The application, by Cornerstone and Vodafone Ltd., is for the mast to be sited in the field opposite Orchard End in Manorbier on land at Springfields Fresh Produce.

In a Facebook post on the Pembrokeshire - I Love It page, Mrs Blackwell drew residents' attention to the plan, which is due to be discussed by Manorbier Community Council on Monday.

The mast would 'loom' over the village, she said, pointing out that any objections or comments ideally need to be made by the end of the week, although the official deadline is next week.

The application, reference NP/20/0075/PNT, will be ultimately determined by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority.

It seeks the installation of a 17.5m lattice mast supporting two antennas, two dishes, an equipment cabinet a meter cabinet and ancillary development with a 1.2m high stockproof fence to form a compound.

The authority's buildings conservation officer, Rob Scourfield, has commented that the site of the proposed mast is in a 'very sensitive area' of the National Park.

In order to understand the visual impact of the structure, he felt it would be necessary to have photomontages and a report on the setting of the historic assets.