I AM voicing my thoughts as a local who lives in Saundersfoot.

Whilst I am an animal lover who donates monthly to animal charities and who has a daughter who has animals in her home, it is annoying how every cafe and restaurant in the village lets dogs in.

I have an allergy to fur and can't be around dogs for a long period of time. Especially when in a confined space it affects my breathing, gives me watery eyes and makes the whole experience unbearable.

I am no longer able to go into anywhere in Saundersfoot now for lunch or for drinks without seeing dogs.

I have seen dog hair on furniture, all over the floor, dogs drinking from the café’s saucers and plates.

It appears that the whole focus is on dogs and not a thought given to anyone that has allergies.

Shame it has come to this and as a local I am very saddened.

Seems we have lost focus on supporting all residents in the community.