THE phone kiosk in Waterloo Square [Hakin] is now decommissioned.


It was used over 70 times last year and the one in Herbrandston (also decommissioned) was used over 130 times!

How many times have they to be used to ward off closure?

I rely on this phone box for my invalid husband.

Last week I had to traipse over to Front Street to get medical help, only to find the phone in Front Street also closed. I then had to traipse up to the surgery to book an appointment, more than my 76-year-old legs can manage.

I’m not stupid, I have five O-Levels and quite able, but the mobile phone I bought - an Alcatel - from Argos was a mystery to me and the 16 people I showed it to.

There were no instructions, they automatically think you know how to set these things up, when you or your neighbours and friends don’t have a clue.

BT should have an obligation to keep those phones open.

There are now none in Milford that I know of.


I sometimes think things should be left alone as they are.