A PEMBROKE Dock man and his Pembroke fiancé desperately trying to get home from the Philippines face a bill of nearly £5,000, if they can even get a flight.

Billy Wood and Maisy Owen, both 24, are currently stuck in the tourist destination of Cebu after travelling South East Asia for the past four months.

They have had many flights cancelled due to travel restrictions there.

The couple have already spent thousands on potential flights, with tickets cancelled.

Billy said: “Planes are flying back empty because they are charging extortionate prices.

“We’re just struggling to find a way out unless we spend another few thousand. Our area goes into enhanced quarantine as of the 27th, so things will change a lot more ‘round here.”

Current prices on flights home from Manilla [listed in dollars] are as much as £4,400, plus a £400 flight ticket from Cebu to Manila.

“We would need to catch a sweeper flight from Cebu to Manila,” said Billy. “These are not guaranteed and are a first-come-first-serve. So, you have to get a taxi to the airport and hope you can get one. You cannot board this plane without a confirmed onward ticket from Manila, so you would have to book in advance, with the hope nothing changes.”

Explaining their stark choice, Billy said: “That was for us both. So we could put out everything we have on the table and lose it, then end up stuck in the Philippines with no money at all.

“Some people are being told to leave their hotel by the 27th. Just hoping ours will let us stay.

“I've even emailed the Germany embassy, as they have a repatriation flight leaving from Cebu on the 27th back to Germany. In the hope they have two spare seats…”

Billy and Masie have previously said: “We are desperate for some media attention so the government can start helping us. Anything you can do would be much appreciated.

“They've got to step in! We don't even want free flights, just flights. Many airlines at home are struggling surely the government can get in contact with them and point then in our direction.”

Billy’s mum Sarah is desperately seeking their return, stating on social media: “I'm asking for help. Billy Wood and Maisy Owen are stuck in the Philippines. I need their names shared as we need to get them home. I’m asking for help in this, please share something.”