COUNCIL tenants are being advised that local authority maintenance teams or their appointed contractors are taking all necessary precautions to ensure tenants’ safety and their own if they have to make essential visits to their properties.

Maintenance staff and contractors still have a legal obligation to access Council properties to service and repair gas, oil and solid fuel appliances - to ensure tenant safety.

However, Pembrokeshire County Council’s appointed servicing contractor, Westward Energy has reported being turned away by some tenants, and unfortunately have reported rudeness towards their staff.

“We trust that all tenants will appreciate that our teams are following the correct government advice and we respectfully ask that they work with us in resolving matters,” said Cllr Michelle Bateman, Cabinet Member for Housing.

“The Council, along with Westward Energy are taking all necessary precautions to ensure tenants’ safety and that of their employees.

“However, if you absolutely cannot allow access to your property for exceptional reasons (for example, someone in your household is self-isolating with symptoms of Covid-19), please let us know when we call to make an appointment so that we can rearrange.

“We appreciate that this is stressful time, but please be polite to our staff and contractors – rude and aggressive behaviour is not acceptable.”