DURING the coronavirus outbreak, I would personally like to give my heart-felt thanks to all the wonderful dedicated NHS staff, the emergency services, the delivery drivers, the shop and supermarket staff, people helping in food banks, the people helping the vulnerable, the people who are delivering essential supplies and medical items to people's doors, the people taking time to chat to people on the phone, our local authority staff, our bin and maintenance workers, to our friends and neighbours and families who are asking 'do you need anything?' which means such a lot and to everyone who are keeping this country going in this very critical time.

Putting their lives at risk to keep us all safe. I applaud you all.

We must try to keep calm.

We must have faith.

We must have trust.

We must have hope.

We must show kindness.

We must believe, and above all we must have love.

I believe that there is a bright shining light at the end of this dark tunnel, and we will get through this horrific time together.


Merlins Bridge