AS we all adjust to life during the coronavirus pandemic, receiving reliable, up-to-date health information is now more important than ever.

Welsh Government, health organisations and businesses in Wales have ensured that crucial Coronavirus updates and advice are regularly communicated to the public.

But many people have additional accessibility needs to consider.

All too often, posters, letters and social media posts are communicated in ways that are unreadable to a large segment of the population.

There are currently 121,000 people living with sight loss in Wales.

One in five people aged 75 and over have sight loss and many blind and partially sighted people have comorbidities. That’s why it is so important that any information relating to the coronavirus pandemic is accessible, giving it the best chance of reaching those at high risk from the virus.

RNIB Cymru appreciates that in such a high-pressure, fast-moving situation vital information must be communicated to the public extremely quickly. This may lead to such communications not going through the usual processes and accessibility checks. We’ve seen instances online of essential information and advice being shared by government departments as images, for example, which are inaccessible to screen reader users.

However, everyone in Wales has the right to be able to read important healthcare information in a way that suits them best. RNIB Cymru has been working with Public Health Wales and Welsh AMs to improve the accessibility of their communications and we are thrilled by their rapid progress. We continue to call on organisations across the country to address this issue.

We have also put together a tailored guide with the key points to remind communications teams how to make sure everyone can access what they share.

We will carry on supporting the health service, government, and businesses in Wales to make sure the information they share about public health advice is accessible throughout this difficult time.

Our Helpline is open from 8am to 8pm every weekday. Call 0303 123 9999 or email for friendly, up to date information and advice.


RNIB Cymru Director