A PEMBROKE Dock man and his Pembroke fiancé, stuck in the Philippines during the ongoing coronavirus crisis, are now safe at home.

Billy Wood and Maisy Owen, both 24, launched a desperate plea last month to come home from the tourist destination of Cebu, with many flights cancelled due to travel restrictions, and when available, going for huge amounts of money, and subject to many cancellations.

Billy’s mum Sarah, desperately seeking their return, had grown ever more fearful following reports Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte had warned that anyone violating the country’ coronavirus lockdown measures could be shot.

Speaking as she desperately waited for Billy and Maisy’s flight to land at Heathrow on Tuesday night, she said: “There has been uproar over price, but to be honest I for one do not care about that. They are lucky because the government has said these will be the only planes they send. He has transport booked to get to the airport and an official letter from the embassy to get through check points. Seriously hoping nothing goes wrong.”

After suffering many setbacks, and fearful there would ever be any good news, the couple eventually flew home on a delayed flight, greeted by Sarah.

After an emotional reunion, Billy said: “The journey was long, but so well organised on the Filipino side; can't fault them at all.

“We are going to self-isolate for 14 days, mainly due to the extensive travel yesterday.

“The precautions in this country are nothing like in the Philippines; they have put so many more things in place to fight against the situation. They are looking at around 3,500 cases, but that's spread over all the islands. Things are strict over there, but they are protecting what they have.

“My mum's gone back home and is going to self-isolate for 14 days on her own as a precaution. Me and Mais live together and her parents are both still working. So could be a while before she gets to see them properly.”

Earlier in the week former Milford man Barry Jon obtained a mercy mission flight from Goa, India, to Sweden, where he was reunited with his two sons.

Barry, who has dual nationality, said: “There are still many stuck out there, and getting more and more uncertain. I have always tried to live a quiet life. I tried to maintain my life between Wales and Sweden, as I have family in both countries. But it is very good to be back with my boys here now.

“If I had got back to UK, I realised that it would be very hard to get to here, so, this has really worked out the best for us.

“These are my boys, half Pembrokeshire-half Swedish. We will get back to Pembs when things settle.”