MONKTON has shown its solidarity for our NHS workers, with a plaque in their honour and a call to help them do their job.

Monkton Swifts is proudly displaying an NHS plaque, created by cousins Jamie Johnson and Billy Waters.

The boys from Watery Lane, grandchildren of the late Councillor Pauline Waters, a former mayor of Pembroke, created the sculpture as a huge thankyou from the Monkton community to our NHS.

Jamie said: “Just a thank you from the community of Monkton and a reminder of all the work the NHS have done, are doing and which will be continuing to do to save lives.

“Please can people appreciate that thousands of people have been taken due to the coronavirus and thousands more are fighting to stay alive with the help of the NHS staff. Just remember every shift they attend they have an increasing risk of contracting the virus.

“Stay in so we can reduce the time that they have to keep turning up to the battleground.”

Friend Jo McMullan said: “They are the grandchildren of Pauline Waters, who was mayor of Pembroke, but sadly died to cancer; she would be so proud of what they’ve done.”