I SEE that Councillor Cris Tomas is advocating the recommencement of the grass-cutting regime partly “to ensure the health and well-being of the residents of Pembrokeshire”.

This would be contrary to the council’s policy on highway verge mowing which says that “Only one main cut is carried out starting on the first Monday in July and lasting for approximately six to eight weeks dependent on the growth. Before and after the main cut, safety cuts are carried out at junctions, visibility splays, bad bends and other locations where the growth restricts/impedes visibility for the road user. The safety cut before the main cut starts in the middle of May again depending on the growth. A policy has been in place since 2011 to reduce the amount of cutting undertaken and to start the main cut later in the season to allow for wildflowers on our highway verges”.

In fact, the roadside verges and roundabouts are looking the best they have done for years, full of flowers, the insects they attract and the birds that feed on those insects.

Surely this is better for the health and well-being of residents than the devastation left by flailing and mowing.

Furthermore, trimming verges should not take place during the bird nesting season, which is in full swing at the moment and, indeed, which can extend well beyond July.

The exemption for essential cutting for the safety of road users is, of course important, but the locations where this could be justified are limited. A final point: leaving the cutting until later would save money for the rate-payer.

So Mr Tomas, do us all a favour: keep your flails and mowers in lock-down and allow us to enjoy the beauty of the roadside verges during our permitted exercise outdoors.