What does that mean to you?

Well if you're from Pembrokeshire apparently it means do whatever you like, certainly on Neyland Marina, where all the car parks have barriers up and closed signs at the instigation of the police following the government's stay at home policy.

We have a steady stream of cars and cyclists every day who seem to think it’s a national holiday.

My understanding is that you should not drive anywhere unless it’s essential. To some this seems to mean they can drive around Pembrokeshire whenever and wherever they wish.

As far as Neyland Marina is concerned we have never been so popular.

It’s as busy as the summer holidays; haven't seen so many visitors for months.

So what, you may ask, are these vital issues making people ignore the government’s rules, the car park closed signs and drive around barriers, in some cases move them, to get access.

Well, by observation, it involves unloading a variety of dogs, children, cycles, skateboards and in one case a canoe, walking and running, or maybe popping onto your boat for a bit of R&R; apart from those who just want to park up have a sandwich whilst enjoying the view after an afternoon leisurely drive in the sun.

What am I missing here?

What happened to travel only if it’s essential?

Exercise close to home, doesn’t mean driving halfway across the county to do it, or cycling ten miles to get here. If you don't live in Neyland you have no reason to be here.

As for cyclists, we have dozens of these non-Neyland residents hurtling along the marina paths daily, coming from who knows where, and endangering walkers.

Their speed would have you believe they were participating in a speed trial, rather than exercising. They would probably be stopped by the police if on the roads, which explains why they are sneaking about our paths.

Having had the misfortune, when challenging this collection of thoughtless people, to receive verbal abuse, two physical assaults, and on one occasion being deliberately struck by a van moving at speed, I can only in desperation through your paper say: “Please note. Stay at Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives”.

That applies to everyone.

If you don't live in Neyland don't come to Neyland Marina.