I’M hoping that readers may be able to assist me.

I’m carrying out some research into the series of unexplained UFO-related events that occurred in the Pembrokeshire area (or, The Broad Haven triangle, as the tabloid press dubbed it) in the late 1970s and I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who may have any information concerning these incidents.

I’m particularly interested in speaking to any members of the Milford Haven Round Table society that attended the fancy dress dinner in the Broad Haven hotel in 1977, as I understand the activities of certain members dressed as 'spacemen’ may help to explain some, but certainly not all, of the unusual events.

However, any information on these strange events/sightings, including incidents that may have gone unreported at the time, would be very welcome.

I can be contacted via the following email address should anyone want to provide information - adrianufo1977@outlook.com

The identities of individuals supplying any information shall be treated with the strictest confidence.


by email