A QUICKLY-penned poem on the theme of Hope has won Tenby Museum curator Mark Lewis one of just 30 places in a new anthology.

The online book is composed of the winners of Love the Words, an international poetry competition which attracted more than 200 entries from all over the world.

Every year, Love the Words - a quote from Dylan Thomas - asks for contributions to its annual poetry competition as part of International Dylan Thomas Day, which was last Thursday (May 14).

The contest was judged on by Dylan's daughter, Hannah Ellis, and Welsh poet and writer Mab Jones.

Mark said: "I saw the competition on Twitter on the day it was to finish and just wrote the poem very quickly.

"The theme was Hope, so that's how I approached it. I have always written and so thought I would give it a go.

"I liked the idea of hope being amongst us, at times invisible, asking us to be careful as it was always there."

In their comments, the judges thanked all the competition entrants for their 'incredible contributions'.

They added: "We absolutely loved reading your words, and we hope that you all enjoy the fantastic anthology that is the result."

The anthology in pdf form, which features Mark's poem, can be found on discoverdylanthomas.com/discover-dylan-thomas-blog

And you can also read the poem below.

Hope: by Mark Lewis

It had seemed hidden for some time Behind curtains and banners

And headlines.


It moved

In dances and applause.

In cards and telephone calls.

It breathed between neighbours And friends and mothers.

It spoke in the laughter of children. It held the hand of those alone

And sang the songs

Of those who had no voice.

It came in sunlight and in flowers. It worked the wards and corridors. It turned a smile upon us

When we held our heads down.

It raised the roof

In shooting stars and magic moons. It smiled behind masks.

It waited, patient, still.

Be patient, it said, wait.

I am here. I am waiting.

I am ready.