REFER to a recent letter re Neyland Closed, and especially re visitors and cyclists.

I assume the writer lives on the Marina – so do I.

Cyclists – yes, they are at best a problem, but they are nothing to do with the present circumstances – they have been a problem, or worse, for years.

Lycra-clad triallists, and lesser versions, were never going fit easily alongside walkers, runners, disabled, prams, dogs on leads, dogs off leads and the rest, and all along a narrow path, which had been a public footpath for decades.

I too have received verbal abuse, despite the fact that the cyclists do not enjoy right of way, well publicised on several info boards.

It is an accident waiting to happen, concerning which no risk assessment can ever have been undertaken.

So why is it allowed to continue?

Someone from the council must read these pages, so could we have an answer please?

Visitors- it is simply not true to say the Marina is “as busy as the summer holidays”.

As your writer says, the car parks are closed, so there is little room for anyone to park, and no way to know where they have come from anyway. The place is like a graveyard!

The majority of visitors now are walkers, who by definition are likely to be locals – couples, with/without children and/or dogs. Family groups – and very nice too.

Many will be walking, and able to spend family time, because they are presently unable to work. And for some the jobs may never come back.

These people, through no fault of their own, now face an uncertain future, to put it mildly.

I love to see families out together, and I wish them all the luck going. I hope they are able to continue to enjoy our waterside and countryside, observing the rules of course, and perhaps those who do not have such worries should reflect how lucky they are.